Important Tips When Getting Your First NYC Apartment


It can be very exciting to start looking for your very first apartment in New York City. There are lots of places to look for an apartment, and the process can be really exhilarating. However, it can also be very confusing and difficult. You will have to deal with an abundance of real estate issues that can be hard to navigate, as well as unscrupulous landlords or trick ads, not to mention problems having to do with moving as well as what to do with your new space once you're ready to move in.

21 April 2018

Identify Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation And Remove Them


Without a doubt, bed bugs are a bane in people's lives. So it is not unusual for you to awaken one morning and find itching bite marks on areas of your body. There is the possibility you've been bitten by bed bugs that are living in your home. They're now making their presence known by feeding on your blood at nights. So how do you really know that the bite marks are indeed coming from bed bugs?

6 April 2018

3 Important Tips To Get Rid Of A Roach Infestation


Have you recently discovered that roaches have moved into your home? Do you have a relatively clean house and still have pests coming in? Whether talking about German cockroaches or American cockroaches that are also known as palmetto bugs or water bugs in some parts of the country, dealing with a roach infestation can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help. A few of the most important include:

19 March 2018

How To Eliminate Termites On Wood Furniture


Termites can destroy home foundations as well as wreak havoc on your wooden furniture. Termites are beneficial in getting rid of old tree stumps, but wooden furniture is not where you want to see them. The furniture has likely been infested by drywood termites, which don't need moisture to survive. You should be able to handle small infestations by following these tips. Identify an Infestation To take care of termite removal in wood furniture, gather:

27 February 2018

Pigeon Control Options For Businesses


Pigeons can be unwelcome visitors to your business, and they can leave behind an unsightly, unsanitary mess. Keeping these birds away from your business can make it look and feel a bit more welcoming. Here are a few options you can use to prevent pigeons from taking over your commercial property. Blunt Spikes Blunt spikes can be used on roof ledges and signs to prevent pigeons and other birds from perching.

24 January 2018

They're Cute Until They Take Over Your Home: 4 Steps To Help You Stop The Raccoon Invasion


Raccoons might look like cute little furry creatures, but they can wreak havoc on your home. Not only that, but they're not always cute. In fact, if they're corned, or infected with the rabies virus, they can be downright vicious. The best way to protect your family is to keep the raccoons away from your home, which can be difficult when you've got a determined female looking for a place to nest.

29 December 2017

Four Strategies To Beat A Rat Problem On Your Property


Rats can be found virtually anywhere, from rural country  farm homes to urban city centers. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to help prevent rats and rodents from overtaking your home and yard. Use the following tips as part of your rat prevention plan. Clean Up After Pets Cleaning up after your pets is essential when trying to keep rats away from your home. Rats are attracted to dog droppings, which means letting your dog do his business in your backyard without property disposing of the waste can make your property a welcome site for rodents.

21 December 2017