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Can You Eradicate Your Mouse Problem Using Traps?


You can buy mouse traps from a wide range of stores. As a result, you might be tempted to tackle your mouse problems on your own. Unfortunately, you can't guarantee your traps will catch all the mice in your home. Instead, it is better to call residential rodent control specialists that can provide a more comprehensive solution incorporating traps and other methods.

Why Can't You Count On Traps to Solve Your Mouse Problem?

Traps work. People wouldn't continue buying them if they didn't. Sadly, you can't eradicate your mouse problem unless you can capture all or almost all the mice in your home. This is because survivors won't take long to replenish their numbers. The University of Michigan says a female house mouse has a probable litter size of 5 to 6 pups, which is concerning when she can produce 5 to 10 litters yearly. Even worse, a mouse problem means you can have more unwanted guests in the future.

The efficacy of traps is even lower when you consider the difficulty of their use. For example, some residential mice control experts say mice will shy away from traps touched by bare hands. This is surprisingly believable because Science News says mice become stressed in the presence of men, meaning mice are sensitive to human scent under certain circumstances. Similarly, residential mice control experts say different rodents prowl different areas, meaning the proper placement of traps is critical.

It's also hard to combat pests that haven't been fully identified. "Mouse" and "rat" aren't names given out based on solid science. Instead, they encompass a wide range of similar-looking rodents that can be quite different from one another. People often mistake one species for another, thus hindering their pest control efforts until they realize what they're dealing with.

How Can Residential Rodent Control Help?

Professional residential mice removal provides the best results because it's comprehensive. Experts can identify your unwanted guests before setting traps and other measures to bring them under control. Simultaneously, experts can inspect your property for openings and other weaknesses before fixing them. Professional residential mice removal will even make follow-up visits to check on the situation, thus giving you confidence that your mouse problem has been solved.

Further Considerations

If you see signs of mice in your home, you should act to remove them as soon as possible. They're disease carriers that can contaminate their surroundings. Furthermore, mice can do a surprising amount of damage because they constantly gnaw things to keep their incisors at a manageable length. Fortunately, you can get reliable help because residential rodent pest control is just a phone call away.

To learn more, contact a residential rodent control service in your area.


14 June 2023