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Had A Skunk Spray On Your Property? 2 Tips To Make It Go Away


Skunk spray is one of the worse smells and it generally hangs around for a long time. If you have animals, they may get sprayed if you do not take care of this problem. If this happens, it is difficult to get the smell off their fur. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make the skunk go away, two of which are listed below.   

Hire Pest Control Company

There are some pest control companies that also do wildlife removal so find one that offers skunk removal. These companies can set up traps for the skunks. They can then take it to another safe place away from homes and release it. This is a humane way to make the skunk leave your property. These traps are large, and the pest control company puts bait in the trap. The skunk crawls in to get the bait and the door closes.  

The pest control company may set up more than one trap just in case you have more than one skunk. This may take a few days for the skunk to crawl into the trap. Some types of bait that work well are fish eggs, peanut butter spread on bread, honey, and molasses. 

The pest control company can kill the skunk for you if you prefer. This is something you should never do on your own, however. For example, if you shoot a skunk, it will automatically release a lot of spray. A pest control company will use poison instead, which may be spreading granules around where the skunk has been seen. They will then take care of the body.

Install a Sprinkler

Another way to make skunks leave is to install a sprinkler that has a motion detector. With this, when the skunk steps near the sprinkler it will automatically turn on getting the skunk wet. Skunks do not like to get wet, so they will run away. If you have a large property, install a few of these sprinklers. Watch closely to see where the skunk comes from and install a sprinkler in this area. This is beneficial for you as the sprinkler also waters your yard, flowers, etc. 

When choosing a sprinkler system make sure the motion detector works well. Skunks are not very large, so the detector needs to be strong to go off. Choose a sprinkler that detects heat along with movement for the best option. Many of these sprinklers also make a whirring sound when it comes on to provide even more of a deterrent for the skunk. Between the loud sound and water, the skunk may never come back again. 

There are many more things you can do, such as install an electric fence around your property, keep your yard picked up, and install flashing security lights. 

Contact skunk control services to learn more. 


19 May 2022