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Worried About A Neighbor's Bed Bug Problem? Discourage Infestation With These Tips


Pest problems can be more difficult to deal with in an apartment complex setting. This is especially true when the pest in question is the Cimex lectularius, otherwise known as the common bed bug. Unlike most other pests, bed bugs feed on the blood of their human hosts, inflicting painful bites that can lead to skin inflammation, blisters, rashes, and secondary infections.

Their small size and tendency to be nocturnal allow these pests to easily migrate from unit to unit in an apartment or multi-family setting where human population densities are high. Apartment dwellers who fear that a neighbor's bed bug problem could easily become their own can use the following bed bug control tips to discourage infestation in their home. 

Make the effort to reduce clutter

Bed bugs are best able to thrive and grow their populations when they can conceal themselves from view. While they seem to prefer bedding, clothing, cushions, and other soft materials, they can also hide within more general types of clutter, including paper and cardboard. Apartment dwellers who want to make their home as unwelcoming as possible to bed bug activity should start by reducing the clutter where these pests are most apt to hide. 

Quarantine and process items before bringing them into the home

Finding great deals or free items through thrift shops, yard sales, dumpster diving — and now stooping — is a way of life for those interested in recycling, frugal living, or both. Unfortunately, those who partake of these activities are also increasing their chances of introducing bed bugs to their family and home. 

While avoiding these activities is probably best, apartment dwellers who find themselves unable to resist acquiring secondhand clothing, furniture, and other items will need to have a plan for quarantining the items until they can be thoroughly inspected and cleaned.

Small items, such as clothing, pillows, and purses should be kept inside sturdy, sealed plastic bags until they can be washed in hot water and dried in a dryer on the high heat setting. Larger items should be kept away from the apartment until they can be examined closely and cleaned with steam or a disinfectant capable of killing bed bugs in all stages of life. 

Apartment living can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether a bed bug infestation in a neighboring unit will soon invade your own. Taking simple precautions, such as those listed above, as well as hiring a reputable bed bug control service will help ensure that your home remains free of bed bugs. To learn more, contact a company like Cimex K9 Bed Bug Control.


23 June 2021