Choosing Green Pest Control Products

After my niece had a serious reaction to pest control, I realized that we were up against a few big problems. For starters, I knew that we needed to identify the types of pests that we were struggling with, and then we needed to find green products that would be safe for her to be around. It was a little bit of a challenge at first, but within a few weeks we found a company that offered the perfect line of products. I wanted to start a blog completely committed to pest control, so I started this site. Read more about keeping your family safe here.

Bed Bugs: What Are They And How Can You Remove Them From Your Home?


Bed bugs are an insect that can be found anywhere in your home. They get their name because they are typically found in your bed, as they feed on blood. These are very small pests so they can easily go undetected (they are only about the size of an apple seed). They are reddish-brown, and their size depends on their stage of life and if they are full of blood. These pests shed their skin, so you can usually find their skin sheds as well around your home. These pests can be difficult to get rid of, which is why you should leave the work of removing these pests to a professional company. Read on for more information about bed bugs and what things you can do to remove them from your home.

Signs Of These Pests

Again, these pests are difficult to see because of how small they are. If you think you have these pests, there are some signs to watch for. Signs such as skin sheds and blood smears along walls or on your sheets, or you may also find that you are waking up with small insect bites on your body. If you do have these bites, you will find that they are usually in a straight line and will be multiple bites in one area. The bite marks are usually on the arms or legs and on the back or on your stomach as well. If you are waking up with bite marks on your body, you should strip your bedding from your bed and inspect your mattress for other signs of these pests, including live bed bugs.

What You Can Do

You should leave the work of getting rid of these pests to a professional company, as they will do what it takes to ensure every room in your home is free of these pests. Bed bugs will travel throughout your home until the entire house is infested with bed bugs. They can be on any piece of furniture and can also be lurking behind baseboards, light switches, on picture frames, or on light fixtures as well. You have to be very thorough when you attempt to get rid of these pests on your own, including wiping down everything in your home, vacuuming often, and cleaning every piece of furniture in your home. You also need to remove clutter or any piles you have laying around to help get rid of these pests.

If you suspect you have bed bugs in your home, hire a professional pest control service to get rid of them for you and save yourself all of the time and energy it takes to get rid of them on your own.


11 May 2021