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Steps A Commercial Pest Management Company May Take To Keep Your Building Pest-Free


When you operate a business, pest control takes on more urgency. Roaches or rats in your building give you a bad reputation, scare away customers, and make for unpleasant working conditions. Fortunately, you can work with a commercial pest management company to prevent pest infestations and deal with problems as soon as they arise. Here are some important measures the company may take.

Leave Out Rat Traps or Bait Stations

Your pest control company may place rat traps throughout your building. These might trap the rats or contain bait that poisons them. The traps can also act as monitoring stations that let the pest control company know when a rat infestation is getting bad. Even if you take steps to keep the outside of your building clean and free of things that attract rodents, when you're in a commercial district, you'll be surrounded by other businesses that may have a rat problem due to a dumpster where food is thrown away. Then, their rat problem becomes a problem for you.

In addition to killing rats that get too close to your building, the pest control company will make sure there are no openings that allow the rats to get inside. Then, you won't have to worry about rodent damage in your building or rat droppings causing a health concern.

Install Bird Deterrents

Other pests that are common in commercial areas, especially if people eat food outdoors, are birds. You don't want pigeons hanging out on your roof because their droppings can damage asphalt shingles. Also, pigeons can get inside your building through the roof and cause damage indoors. A pest management company can make sure there are no holes where pigeons can enter and put up devices that keep pigeons away. This might involve the use of netting or spikes on the roof that keep pigeons from landing.

Treat for Roaches

Your commercial building is prone to roach infestations just like a residential home is. Part of your pest management plan is to keep the building clean so roaches aren't attracted and can't multiply easily. Another part of roach control is the use of pesticides. Your pest control company may recommend regular visits to apply pesticides indoors and outdoors to keep roaches and other bugs out of your building.

Deal With Bed Bugs

Regular pest control treatments may not do anything to kill off bed bugs, so your pest control company may need to provide special treatment if an employee carries bed bugs in your building. Any time a special situation like this arises, a commercial pest management company knows how to handle it and can act quickly.

For more information, speak to companies like American Pest Professionals.


22 November 2019