Choosing Green Pest Control Products

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Prevent A Mice Infestation With These Helpful Tips


Nobody likes to find a mouse running around in their house, since it's a sign that more could easily get inside as well. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to prevent these pests from sticking around your home and becoming a nuisance. 

Eliminate Their Food

Mice are not going to stick around if they do not have a food source. Start by keeping your home clean, which involves cleaning your kitchen regularly to avoid crumbs and other food remnants from being left behind on the counters and floors. Don't just wipe down the surface, since it helps to use cleaning agents to get rid of the traces of food that can attract mice. All food containers should be sealed so that mice cannot get into them. Items that are in bags that do not have a good seal should be put into plastic containers. 

Eliminating the food outside your home is even more important than the food inside your home, since the outside food attracts pests to your dwelling. Start by picking up trash that may be around your home, and keep your garbage in a sealed container. If there is a hole in the container, replace it with a new one.

Pet food should be kept in a sealed container as well, and food should be given to your pet at set times so that it does not sit out all day.

Eliminate Nesting Areas

You want to take steps to eliminate places where mice could be nesting. Start with your basement and picking things off the floor. Mice may create a home in places that are well hidden ant at ground level. By hearing the clutter, you'll make it harder for mice to hide. The outside of your home will need to be maintained as well. Trim large shrubs that can create places where mice can hide, and get rid of clutter that helps create shelter

Eliminate Entrances

Take a detailed look around your home for opening that mice could be using to get into your home. All it takes is a small hole no bigger than a coin to allow mice into your home, since they can squeeze through very small spaces. You can use caulk to repair holes in the foundation and exterior walls so that the pets do not find a way through. 

For more help getting rid of a mice infestation in your home, reach out to a local pest control company.


20 July 2019