Choosing Green Pest Control Products

After my niece had a serious reaction to pest control, I realized that we were up against a few big problems. For starters, I knew that we needed to identify the types of pests that we were struggling with, and then we needed to find green products that would be safe for her to be around. It was a little bit of a challenge at first, but within a few weeks we found a company that offered the perfect line of products. I wanted to start a blog completely committed to pest control, so I started this site. Read more about keeping your family safe here.

Four Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Your Warehouse


Mice are often referred to as pests, but when they invade your warehouse, they are more than just pesty. They can be downright destructive, costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars in product damage. Keeping mice out of your warehouse requires ongoing control practices and a concerted effort among all of your employees. Here are four things you can do to keep the mice away.

1. Do not allow eating in the warehouse.

All it takes is a few crumbs to attract mice. Once they're inside, they will find other things to eat and chew. Do not permit your workers to eat in the warehouse or within 100 feet of the entrance. Post signs throughout the warehouse reminding them of this rule, and take disciplinary action against anyone who is found in violation of the rule. Make sure there is a clean, designated break room where your workers can eat their lunches and snacks so they are less tempted to eat in the warehouse.

2. Set a few traps.

Keep a few mouse traps permanently set up near doors and near any other place where the mice may enter. Mice often send out a few "scouts" to investigate a new place before others move in. If these scouts are caught in a trap and don't return, other mice are less likely to follow. Simple mouse traps with some peanut butter on the end work well enough.

3. Check for and eliminate entry points.

Every few months, take a walk around the warehouse and carefully inspect all of the walls and joints. Look for holes through which mice can enter, keeping in mind that small mice can squeeze through holes that are only 1/4 inch in diameter. If you find any holes, temporarily stuff them with steel wool; the mice won't chew through this. Then have the holes permanently patched as soon as possible.

4. Have a pest control company visit periodically.

Hire a commercial pest control company like All American Pest to come out to your warehouse at least once a year. They can look for more subtle signs of mouse presence that you may have missed, and they can look over your storage tactics to make some recommendations that will help keep mice away.

Once mice do invade your warehouse, getting rid of them can be quite a battle. Follow the tips above to keep them away, and you should have a much easier time keeping your items safe and pest-free.


13 June 2018