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Identify Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation And Remove Them


Without a doubt, bed bugs are a bane in people's lives. So it is not unusual for you to awaken one morning and find itching bite marks on areas of your body. There is the possibility you've been bitten by bed bugs that are living in your home. They're now making their presence known by feeding on your blood at nights. So how do you really know that the bite marks are indeed coming from bed bugs? Start thinking too about how you'll have to remove them.

Are The Bites Coming From Bed Bugs?

Closely examine the bite marks again. You don't want to mistake mosquito bite marks, allergic reactions, or spider bites for bed bug bites. Accurately determine that the bite marks are bed bug bites. Do so by looking for evidence of bed bug infestation and identifying the bugs. Look for blood stains on your sheets and pillows. Those stains are known to show up on your bedroom furniture as well. Bed bugs you see are ravenous bloodsuckers. So while gorging the blood they've drawn from your body, some of the blood spills and stains your bedding covers. You, too, help to crush and spill the bugs' blood when you roll over and crush them in your bed. 

Nighttime Warriors

Bed bugs are nighttime warriors looking for your blood. As they crawl around seeking a hideout near you, they leave a trail of feces that appear as thin black streaks behind them on the way to their hideout area. If you find signs of this type of trail, use a paper towel or a damp cotton cloth to dab up the streak. These signs prove that you have a bed bug infestation.

Your dabbing of the excreted material will leave a red smudge on the paper towel or cloth. Now that you've identified the bugs and their lifestyle choose a perfect way to exterminate them. One way to effectively remove and exterminate them is to use an online product called SayByeBugs. Purchase a couple of 24-ounce bottles of this product, which is nontoxic. Spray everywhere bugs hide including behind pictures you have displayed on furniture. Spray all furniture pieces including underneath antique furniture pieces. 

Neutralize Eggs-In-Waiting

Bed bugs increase their offspring numbers in a short time. Destroy their eggs-in-waiting generation. Aim to kill and diligently neutralize all of them. Thoroughly exterminate the bugs with SayByeBugs application.

Keeping Bed Bugs Away Forever

If you travel a lot, that's a known environment wherein bugs easily enter your belongings. Hotels are transfer points for bed bugs as travelers unknowingly pick up the bugs in their suitcases and leave with bugs in their belongings while going from hotel to hotel. You eventually deposit the bugs in your homes. You pick up bugs from storage units and cruise ships. Use traveling suitcases made to deter bed bugs entry.

For more information, contact your local bed bug removal services.


6 April 2018