Choosing Green Pest Control Products

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Pigeon Control Options For Businesses


Pigeons can be unwelcome visitors to your business, and they can leave behind an unsightly, unsanitary mess. Keeping these birds away from your business can make it look and feel a bit more welcoming. Here are a few options you can use to prevent pigeons from taking over your commercial property.

Blunt Spikes

Blunt spikes can be used on roof ledges and signs to prevent pigeons and other birds from perching. The spikes stand up at intervals to limit the amount of room available for the birds. You can also add these spikes to eaves and edges on the roof of your building. Wire barriers can also be used in the same way as blunt spikes, and they can be used to keep pigeons out of your building's gutters.

Gel Repellents

Gel repellents offer a sticky substance that can make pigeons feel unwelcome. It is ideal to use on flat roofing surfaces to prevent nesting as well as perching. You can hire a pest control expert to apply the gel to the roof as well as any other surfaces on the building that might offer an otherwise welcoming place for pigeons to rest, such as on top of dumpsters and trash cans.


Netting can be used on bushes, shrubs, and small trees on your company's property. If you have a landscaped area in an office park or around your building, consider the netting to prevent pigeons from building their nests on the branches. The netting creates a barrier that blocks birds from being able to find a perch. It slips easily over your trees and bushes, making it a low-maintenance pest control method.

Property Maintenance

While there are many different repellant options you can use to keep pigeons away, one of the best preventative measures is to keep your property well maintained. Have the parking lot cleaned regularly to prevent trash and food scraps from piling up. This can help eliminate food sources that might otherwise attract pigeons. Have a regular trash pickup plan in place, and be sure to leave your dumpsters closed to eliminate this potential food source as well.

Call a commercial pest control expert to look for other ways to help keep pigeons away from your property. He or she can identify problems on the property that can attract pigeons, and he or she may also be able to find additional ways to control the pigeon population.


24 January 2018