Choosing Green Pest Control Products

After my niece had a serious reaction to pest control, I realized that we were up against a few big problems. For starters, I knew that we needed to identify the types of pests that we were struggling with, and then we needed to find green products that would be safe for her to be around. It was a little bit of a challenge at first, but within a few weeks we found a company that offered the perfect line of products. I wanted to start a blog completely committed to pest control, so I started this site. Read more about keeping your family safe here.

Three Common Issues Found in Homes Bought at Home Auctions


If you plan to buy a home at an auction, it is important to know that it may not be in the best condition. When people lose their homes, they often tend to not care about the condition they leave it in when they have to leave the home. This means there could be a lot of issues that will need to be addressed once you get into the home. The following guide walks you through a few common issues that are discovered when buying a home at a home auction.

1. The Flooring Needs to Be Replaced

When people move out of a home that they have been forced out of, they often do not move their items gingerly when taking them out of the house. This can lead to a lot of scuffs and scrapes on the floors. There are times when carpets can get ripped and linoleum can be badly cut. If you plan to buy a home at an auction, you should already take the cost to replace all of the flooring in the home into account.

2. The Home Will Need to be Treated by a Pest Control Company

When people leave houses, there are many times when they do not take their trash with them because they simply do not care. When trash is left in a house for an extended period of time, it can attract rodents and insects. When this happens, they can quickly take over a home. It is best to hire a pest control company right away to get rid of any unwanted guests before moving into the house. Visit for more information.

3. The Plumbing May Need to Be Repaired

During the cold winter months, pipes can freeze if the home is not kept at a warm temperature. When people move out of the house, they will more than likely not leave the heat on. This means that pipes may burst within your home, which could cause major water damage. The plumber will be able to inspect the situation and let you know what it will cost to get the plumbing back in order.

When you purchase a home at an auction, you often cannot see inside of it first. It is best to plan on spending quite a bit of money to get the house back to livable condition to ensure that the repairs will fit into your budget.


17 December 2017