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Tips For Keeping Pigeons Off Of Your Property


Pigeons can become a nuisance when they decide to start nesting around your property. Even if you love birds, you probably don't want pigeons leaving droppings on your roof, fence, and lawn furniture. Pigeon droppings are acidic in nature, and they can damage your roof or furniture when present in large amounts. The big danger though is the diseases birds carry and spread. You'll want to get the birds off your property, and if you call in a pest control expert, you can do it without harming the birds. Here are some things that might help:

Seal Entry Holes To The Attic

If pigeons like to land on your roof or hang around your yard, they may eventually find a way to get inside your attic since it makes a protected nesting space. Therefore, you'll want to seal all the entry holes. You can hire a pest control company to find the holes and seal them. However, you don't want to close all the holes if pigeons are already in the attic. Instead, seal all but one or two and then put one-way funnels in the openings you leave.

These allow the birds to fly out of the attic, but they won't be able to fly back in. Eventually, all the pigeons should fly out; then you can seal up the funnels. If pigeons have been in your attic for very long, you may need to hire a professional cleanup crew to get rid of the droppings safely and restore your attic.

Install Spikes On Your Roof

A pest control expert can install spikes that keep pigeons from landing on your roof. These don't hurt the pigeons because they won't land on the spikes. If pigeons love to gather on your roof, then installing these spikes could be a good idea because they will drive the birds to a more comfortable landing spot and keep droppings from accumulating on your house. Plus, with the birds off your roof, they won't be as tempted to look for a way to get inside the attic.

Place Bird Netting Around Your Property

Bird netting is another way to keep pigeons off your home and away from areas where you don't want them. If you buy the netting yourself, be sure to look for netting made for pigeons, so the mesh is the right size. You can buy the netting in black, gray, or white, so it is practically invisible once it is installed. While it may look similar to general netting, you want netting made to deter birds since it is strong enough to stand up to weather conditions and UV exposure.

It is also fire resistant, so it is safe to use on your roof. You can place the netting anywhere you have a pigeon problem such as over your roof or on a balcony if you live in an apartment. You can even place it over a pool or garden to keep the birds away from your outdoor space. The netting doesn't trap or hurt the birds; it just keeps them from entering your space and landing where you don't want them to.

Pigeons can be determined birds, especially if they are drawn to your home for food from bird feeders. Try not to feed the birds or make them feel too comfortable on your property. If you see them hanging around day after day, it's time to take action before their numbers start to grow.

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12 December 2017