Choosing Green Pest Control Products

After my niece had a serious reaction to pest control, I realized that we were up against a few big problems. For starters, I knew that we needed to identify the types of pests that we were struggling with, and then we needed to find green products that would be safe for her to be around. It was a little bit of a challenge at first, but within a few weeks we found a company that offered the perfect line of products. I wanted to start a blog completely committed to pest control, so I started this site. Read more about keeping your family safe here.

Tips for Getting Rid of Mice


If you have mice in your home, you probably want them gone. Luckily, there are plenty of mice removal methods that you can try at home yourself. 

Us the Right Bait

Contrary to what you may think, cheese isn't the only bait that can catch a mouse. In fact, it might not even be the most effective bait available. If you want to get create, some better bait options include:

  • peanut butter
  • Nutella
  • marshmallow
  • fudge
  • jelly/jam
  • gumdrops
  • beef jerky
  • seeds
  • sausage
  • wet pet food
  • hot dog
  • maple syrup
  • bacon bits

If you're not finding success with cheese, try using some of the options mentioned above. You could also be using the incorrect type of cheese; try cream cheese and other soft cheeses with pungent smells. 

Opt for the Best Placement

Many people place mousetraps in open areas, but mice actively avoid open areas. Try to place your traps in areas that you've noticed mice droppings. If you don't see any droppings, place traps against walls, behind appliances, and darkened corners. Since mice have been known to avoid traps, keep traps about one inch apart to make evading the traps more difficult. 

Create the Right Trap

There are generally three types of traps: snap traps, glue traps, and catch and release traps. 

Snap traps: These are the most common traps. Set the trap by pulling back a metal bar and placing the bait. Mice are lured to the trap with bait, and once the mouse triggers the trap, it the metal lever snaps catching the mouse. These are the most affordable traps, and the mouse is killed quickly. However, the trap can produce a more gruesome death than some other options. 

Glue traps: Glue traps are extremely simple. The mouse is attracted to the glue trap with bait. Once it's on the sticky bait, it's caught. While snap traps can be a bit messy, there's no mess with sticky traps. Unfortunately, the mouse may suffer a slow death as is struggles to escape. 

Catch and release traps: Catch and release traps work by luring the mouse in with bait and then securing a door behind them so that they are caught. The main advantage of catch and release traps are that you don't have to kill the mouse. You have to check the traps often since you have a live animal in the trap. Once you caught the mouse, you also have to take it far away from your home to release it. 


7 December 2017