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How To Prevent A Lady Bug Infestation In Your Home


During the fall and winter months, lady bugs may be looking to escape the cold by entering your home. While these pests are not harmful, they can infest your home, leaving bugs all over. Unfortunately, once they have infested your home, there is little that can be done to remove them, aside from vacuuming them as you see them. As such, it is best not to let an infestation occur in the first place. If you have had a lady bug problem in the past, a pest control company can come out in the early fall and take preventative measures to prevent another infestation. Find out more about the steps they will take. 

Sealing Entry Points

One of the first steps that a pest control company will take to help prevent lady bugs from infesting your home is to seal off entry points. This includes small holes or gaps in your siding, under your door or around your window. Not only does this help to keep lady bugs out, but it can help to keep other pests, such as cockroaches and ants, out as well. 

Using Perimeter Treatments

Once entry points around your home have been sealed off, the next step that a pest control company will take in combating a lady bug infestation is the use of perimeter treatments. Pesticides are sprayed around the perimeter of your home. These pesticides help to kill any lady bugs that attempt to cross over into your home. The perimeter spray should be applied every couple months to help ensure it does its job throughout the winter months. 

Applying Wall Void Treatments

The last preventative measure that is taken by a pest control company to help combat a potential lady bug infestation is using wall void treatments. Wall void treatments are pesticides that are sprayed in voids or gaps in the wall. Around plumbing, electrical outlets, and above baseboards there may be gaps in the insulation. This makes the perfect spot for a lady bug nest. The treatment helps to ensure this doesn't happen by filling that void with a pesticide that can kill the bugs. 

Once lady bugs have infested your home, there is little that can be done to remove them. As such, the best way to prevent an infestation is through preventative care. If you have had lady bug problems in the past, or know they are abundant in your garden, contact a pest control company early in the fall to come perform preventative measures to keep these pests out of your home during the late fall and winter months. 


5 December 2017