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Did You Buy A House With A Tick Problem? Use These Strategies To Keep Your Property Pest-Free


When you bought your house, you likely envisioned lovely days spent enjoying the beauty of your outdoor areas. Unfortunately, the realization that you have ticks destroys your enjoyment of your new home, and these pests pose a serious health risk to your family since they are known for carrying diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Since tick problems tend to escalate, just the sight of one of these insects means that you need to implement a plan of action right away.

Watch Your Pets

Unfortunately, your favorite animals may be attracting ticks to your property. Always check your dog for ticks after you have gone for a walk outdoors, and consider using preventative treatments if your vet approves. You should also carefully inspect any pet areas that you have outdoors because ticks tend to congregate near dog runs and kennels. If you notice ticks, then arrange for tick removal right away to keep the issue from traveling indoors.

Create A Barrier Around Your Home

You can keep ticks from coming indoors by using perimeter treatments around the exterior walls of your new house. It also helps to remove potential hiding places for ticks around the walls. Try to keep all vegetation, such as bushes and flowerbeds, at least six inches away from the main walls of your house.

Control Wildlife On Your Property

Tick control often means inspecting your property for other common pests that attract these insects. Wildlife, such as skunks and squirrels, often harbor ticks that will transfer from their bodies to the ground. Arrange for a complete pest inspection of the outdoor areas surrounding your property to ensure that other critters do not contribute to the problem.

Use Preventative Landscaping

Ticks prefer moist, shady environments. Try to avoid overwatering your lawn, and clear up any areas where water tends to accumulate. Trim back your bushes and trees so that the sunlight hits the ground, and avoid allowing your grass to grow too tall. Making your lawn less inviting to ticks will help to prevent them from coming back after professional treatments, and many of these same strategies help to keep other pest populations down as well.

Ticks are more than just a nuisance. They threaten the health of your family, guests and pets. Fortunately, you can take action to stop ticks from inhabiting your lawn so that you can go back to enjoying your favorite outdoor areas at your new house. Contact companies like Environmental Services Pest Control for more information.


30 November 2017